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Surrounded by eight acres of beautiful mountain and lake views, the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center has been adding to the artistic life in the charming hamlet of Sugar Loaf, NY since being built in 1992. This beautiful venue, originally called the Lycian Centre for the Performing Arts, was the vision of Mr. Richard Logothetis, Owner and President of Lycian Stage Lighting. Top-of-the-line national and international touring companies flocked to the 688-seat main stage theater, the 240-seat Pavilion, and 2000-seat outdoor Wharf Theater. The free summer concerts, sponsored by various businesses and held on the lawn of the theatre, were attended by thousands. The Lycian Centre Galleries, one of the largest gallery spaces in the Mid-Hudson Valley at the time, was housed in the same building as the two theaters and was conveniently located between the main stage and the Pavilion. It played host to many exhibits by local and world-renowned artists.

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